National Water Week '21


National Water Week makes a splash across Australia every third week in October, inspiring individuals, communities and organisations to build awareness around the value of water. Access to clean water is hugely important to our daily lives, and it’s down to all of us to protect our water environments and resources, and use water wisely. 
As the national host for the week, the Australian Water Association encourages organisations, schools and communities to create, take part in, organise and promote National Water Week events, activities and educational resources. If you have any queries about National Water Week, please contact us.

The #NWW2021 theme this year is Caring for water and Country, this celebrates the vital and cultural role that water plays in our lives. Recognising the importance water plays in our lives, Caring for water and Country aims to deepen our understanding of Australian First Nations people’s knowledge in protecting and sustaining our water and lands for over 65,000 years. 
AWA is proud to bring this year’s National Water Week theme to life. We engaged Spirit Creative’s artist Dennis Golding who produced the artwork “Our Waters”. The artwork is inspired from Dennis’ strong connection to Country, from the freshwater and saltwater regions of northern and north-west NSW.


Phil Duncan  

Traditional Owner Gomeroi, Kamilaroi, Gamilaroi Nation  Senior Aboriginal Consultant, Alluvium Group  MDBA Basin Community Committee Chair - First Indigenous Chair  First Indigenous Board Member, NSW NaturalResource Access Regulator Board

Dr Annette Davison 

AWA Water Professional of the Year 2020  Principal Risk Analyst and Founder, Risk Edge  R&D Manager and Co-founder, D2K Information  Chief Thinker and Co-founder, OneStreet  

Corinne Cheeseman 

Chief Executive, Australian Water Association 


Add your video to social media using hashtags #NWW2021, #Caring4waterandCountry, #NWW2021WaterAmbassador and #NationalWaterWeek2021.  
In your video you can answer these questions:  
  • What is your water story?     
  • What does ‘Caring for water and Country’ mean for you? 
  • What are your hopes for the future? 


To celebrate National Water Week, the Australian Water Association invited primary aged students to get creative and participate in our NWW Poster Competition which celebrates the theme ofCaring for water and Country.

The winners are:


Here we’ve got an extensive list of educational resources that explore all the different aspects of water including the water cycle, the sustainability goals, Indigenous water knowledge, how to save water, caring for our catchments, and general water education. If you have a resource that you’d like to add to this list,  get in touch with us.

Colouring page 
Colour Poster - available for everyone to download and colour in! 

Indigenous water 
Talking water -Kwatja Ngkama' is the Western Arrernte translation for "Talking Water'. Check out AWA/WSAA's video series. 
Where's our Water?– Hunter Water has collaborated with Indigenous communities to develop a story booka for primary students 
River Kids  – ABC goes 'Behind the News' to explore the challenges facing the Murray River 
Indigenous Weather Knowledge  – The Bureau of Meteorology looks at the history of Indigenous weather, environmental knowledge and cultural stories 
National Cultural Flows Research Project – Looks at Indigenous connections to water and Aboriginal water values 
The Great NT Water Story – Power & Water Corporation's  student storybook and teacher guide 
Sustainable Development Goals 
World's Largest Lesson – Introduce the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere 
Water cycle 
Perth's Water Supply – Water Corporation's interactive online tool showing where Perth's water comes from 
Interactive Water Cycle – Unitywater's Education Program has resources for teachers and students 
When Water Lost Her Way – Audio book presentation of the Australian book When Water Lost Her Way 
Natural Water Cycle Colouring Sheet– Learn about the natural water cycle with South East Water's colouring sheets 
Urban Water Cycle Water Warriors– Find out how Melbourne Water's Water Warriors make a positive impact on the urban water cycle 

Using water wisely 
Smart water advice – Smart Approved Watermark has some great advice on being smart with water in and around the home 
Weird Water– ABC goes 'Behind the News' to teach kids to stop wasting water 
Love Water Quiz– Hunter Water's quiz will tell you if you're a Wasteful Wade or an Aware Alice! 
Saving Energy & Water Around the Home– EWOV shares tips on saving energy and water around the home 
Blue House– Smart Approved WaterMark's Blue House teaches you how easy it is to save water 
Water-savvy gardens – Looking for some water-savvy garden inspiration? Urban Utilities shares tips on how to achieve great results in your garden without compromising plants and water use. 
How low can you go?– Urban Utilities along with Henry the H20 hero has some great tips on saving water at home, as well as some pretty cool dance moves. Take the How low can you go Challenge today. 

Caring for our catchments 
Catchment challenge– Take Cairns Regional Council's catchment challenge and learn what makes a healthy waterway 
Water Education Videos– WaterNSW has a range of videos about building dams, and managing water supply and quality 
Reducing Pathogens from Entering Estuaries– Watch this 4-part series from NRM North on catchment works in Northern Tasmania aimed at reducing pathogens 
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) 
STEAM water activities – Cairns Regional Council has worksheets and activities to encourage critical thinking while learning about water 
Resources for Parents & Teachers– Andrea Beaty has books, posters and free downloadables to inspire kids to love STEM

National Water Week Media Assets

Story behind the artwork

The artwork titled “Our Waters” was produced with Spirit Creative by artist Dennis Golding whose connection to Country stems from the freshwater and saltwater regions of northern and north-west NSW.  The patterns flow through different water streams and continue the paths around the circular motifs that often reference meeting places and waterholes. The waters operate as a protector of these grounds to acknowledge First people’s connection to land and waters as they too care for Country now, and who have done so since time immemorial.  Check out “Our Water’s” artwork to use for #NWW2021, you may click on the images below to download various formats of the artwork: 



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2021 National Water Week - Logo 2

Note: The National Water Week logo and artwork are available for public use to help you celebrate #NWW2021. By using the logo or artwork you must attribute the Australian Water Association. The logo and artwork must be used in its entirety and cannot be used for commercial purposes.  



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